CivicTechWR brings together people from different sectors and industries to actively solve issues facing our local community. We welcome people with all types and levels of skills. Even though "tech" is in the name, everyone is welcome and everyone has a skill or experience that is valuable. You don’t need to know anything about the local government either, even though “civic” is in the name.

If you have a project idea, announcement, or event, you’re welcome to pitch at any of our hacknights, or join our slack team to talk to the group.

Other ways to get involved

Be a guest speaker

Do you have a project or organization that you think our community would be interested in? We'd love to hear from you!

Find out more about being a speaker at one of our hacknights in our speaker onboarding deck.

Host us

We’re always looking for great spaces to host our events. As a host, you can have a few minutes to speak to the group about what you do in your awesome space!

We generally have between 10-20 attendees for our speaker nights. If you’re willing to provide a light dinner for our members, that’s even better, but not necessary!

Sponsor us

We have about $1000 of expenses per year, for everything from maintaining our tools (Meetup, Domain names, Food for speaker nights, sticky notes...)

Let us know if you’d like to support us and we’ll put you on our sponsors page.