CivicTechWR brings together people from different sectors and industries to actively solve issues facing our local community using technology-based solutions.

What is Civic Tech?

Civic Technology is technology that enables engagement or participation of the public for stronger development, enhancing citizen communications, improving government infrastructure, and generally improving the public good. It encompasses civic applications, platforms supporting government bodies, institutions and other software enabling those goals.

Why CivicTechWR?

Our goal is to connect citizens, civic innovators, technologists, community groups, governments, and entrepreneurs, so that they can improve the lives of the region’s residents, by applying the innovation at the heart of Waterloo Region to technology-based projects for the common good. We welcome people with all types and levels of skills. Even though "tech" is in the name, everyone is welcome and everyone has a skill or experience that is valuable. We're here to empower people to work together.

How does it work?

We currently meet every 2 weeks, usually alternating between speaker sessions and working sessions. During our speaker sessions, we host a leader from the community to speak to the group. This could be someone from a local non-profit, from government, from industry, or any citizen - what matters is that they have something to share with our group, something to teach us, or something to inspire us. During both our speaker sessions and our hacknights, we also provide space and time for people to come and work together on civic tech projects. RSVP for our next session on meetup!

What does a Speaker Session look like?

5:30 Gather and chow down on some tasty food
6:00 Welcome, Sponsors, Intros
?-7ish Guest speaker
7:00 Projects & Breakouts
8:15 Cleanup, out of respect for our hosts
8:30 If you want to continue the conversation, feel free to take it elsewhere!

What does a Project Session look like?

6:00 Show up, ready to work. Bring your laptop and or paper.
6:00 - 8:00 Work on a project with some cool smart people

Read more about our initial vision from Kristina Taylor